Monday 26 August 2013

Bag2School would like to announce the winners of our iPad mini competition!

Band 1 Winner - St. Caillin's National School, Rashina, Ballinahown, Co. Offaly!

Band 2 Winner - Old Borough National School, Swords, Co Dublin!

Band 3 Winner - Hollypark Boys National School, Blackrock, Co. Dublin!

Congratulations to all the schools who participated so well in our fundraising initiative.

Due to the success of last year's iPad competition, Bag2School will continue to run this again in 2013/2014.  The school with the largest collection between September 2013 - 31st May 2014 will win an iPad mini!  This can then be raffled off within the school, generating even more funds!  There will be 3 separate size bands and 3 iPad mini's to give away!


Monday 26 August 2013


Bag2School are proud to be a major fundraising partner for LauraLynn Ireland’s Children’s Hospice.  For every school that has a collection, Bag2School will donate an additional 10% to LauraLynn, on top of what is paid to your school.  Please help us to help them, making the most of short & precious lives.


Tuesday 11 September 2012

PTA-UK announces Bag2School sponsorship!

PTA-UK workshop programme sponsored by Bag2School

PTA-UK is delighted to announce that our 2012/2013 workshop programme is being sponsored by Bag2School, which has helped PTAs and schools to raise over £15 million through textile recycling!

Our Fundraising and Good Practice workshops have been a crucial part of our membership offer for over 10 years, having first been introduced in 2002.  Last year we ran nearly 100 locally held events, attracting 2,000 plus PTA volunteers.  

David Butler, PTA-UK Chief Executive said, "We are really pleased that Bag2School is sponsoring our workshops which are highly valued by our members.  Our relationship has developed over many years, with Bag2School being a big fan of PTAs.  We are delighted that PTA-UK has been able to give Bag2School another way to show its support for PTAs".

Ted Childs, Bag2School Managing Director said, "Bag2school is proud to be associated with PTA-UK in sponsoring its PTA workshop programme".

Find out more about the PTA-UK workshop programme for 2012/201.  Learn more about Bag2School and organise a collection from you school.
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June 2011

Between January and May 2011 Bag2School raised over £1,000,000

Don't let your school miss out!




June 2011

Update on The Funzi & Bodo Trust

The resource centre within the school is near completion and offers 21 brand new computers; internet access will be available shortly via satellite connection. The centre also offers adults a free introductory course.

A Government representative said that he "never believed he would see a rural school like this with these facilities" that he believed it was the only one of its kind in their region.
The Bag2School sign will be placed on the wall of the resource centre.

Since 2009 Bag2School have donated £30,000 to the Funzi & Bodo Trust

For more information read previous posts and visit




May 2011

Brighton fashionistas create giant PomPom

Brighton fashionistas have entered the Guinness book of records after creating a giant PomPom in the build up to next month’s Brighton Fashion Week.

The mammoth pompom, which weighed a staggering 1.5 tonnes, was created from used clothes which will now be recycled back to new garments by Bag2School and Bag2TheFuture.

The record breaking creation in Jubilee Square was unveiled on 6th May and measured in at a whopping 13ft 4in wide and 5ft 6in high and took 200 hours to create.

Among the names given to the PomPom from passersby were King Pom, Pompompidou, Pomzilla and Atompom.

Clive Bonny, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce who helped sponsor the record, said: “We need to create more awareness to reduce the throw away mentality and refashion old garments into new items. The UK is a world leader in creative design and fashion and many of our schools can develop young people’s enterprise skills by taking used clothes from the local community into their fashion and textile classes.”

Brighton Fashion Week runs from 31st May to 5th June.

Liz Bishop and Eddie Hecht from Brighton Fashion Week with business excellence awards assessor Clive BonnyLiz Bishop and Eddie Hecht from Brighton Fashion Week with business excellence awards assessor Clive Bonny


April 2011 

Funzi Bodo Progress Update

Funzi SchoolFunzi School
Funzi ClinicFunzi Clinic

August 2009

Bag2school is joining the battle to save lives and provide education in poor fishing villages in Kenya. It's working with the registered charity The Funzi and Bodo Trust.

The Trust began three years ago and in that time has opened two medical clinics, runs water and road ambulances, funds operations and offers health education.

The Trust has also re-built the Funzi school and opened a library on the island in its efforts to improve literacy and end the cycle of poverty experienced by most families in the villages. It is now working towards re-building the primary school in Bodo village. The charity has also been fighting cholera in Funzi and Bodo  where two people have died and large numbers of people have become sick. The Funzi and Bodo Trust has responded by opening a small hospital operation, funding additonal medicines, employing more medical staff and providing beds for the sick.

You can find out more about this charity by going to 


3 December 2010

In the last 12 months Bag2School has donated £20,000 to the Funzi & Bodo Trust


June 2010

Bag2School has now paid over £10 MILLION to schools throughout the UK.